Our Reviews Explained

At Xbox Gamer Reviews we believe in being honest and transparent about all aspects of our reviewing, here we will layout our review guidelines and explain our scoring system.

Our primary focus is an outlet for gamers to provide their own honest opinions on games, while this is still true to what we do, we have become privileged enough to be provided with game keys by certain publishers and developers. This in no way affects the review provided by one of our reviewers and will always be their own opinion of a game. In order to keep things transparent we will always add the following line to a review we have been provided a key for

A download code was provided for this review by the publisher/developer

This will always be found at the bottom of a review, just before the score card. The same applies to our preview videos on YouTube with the line appearing in the description box of a video we have been provided a key for.

We have also been fortunate enough to become a media partner for ID@Xbox, this is solely so we are able to provide more coverage for games that are part of the ID@Xbox program, via codes provided by the ID@Xbox team. Again, as stated above this by no means affects the opinion of us or our content creators for games provided this way. More information on the ID@Xbox program can be found HERE

Our reviews are scored using 5 factors. Gameplay, Graphics, Audio, Replay Value and value for money. We expect our reviewers to provide enough insight into each one of these criteria in the main body of the review and the scores given for these are to aid the summary and pros & cons. The average of all 5 of these scores then provides the overall rating for the game. as seen in the card below.

Here’s a guideline for a games final score;

1 – 2 Poor (Don’t waste your time)

3 – 4 Below Average (Suggest trying before buying)

5 – 6 Average (Consider picking this one up)

7 – 8 Above Average (Put this one on your shopping list)

9 – 10 Superb (stop reading and go buy this game right now)