Xbox Gamer Reviews aims to bring you news, previews and reviews from everyday gamers. We have a few dedicated staff members that have been gaming for decades, we all have a few things in common, a passion for gaming and writing about it from a gamers perspective.

The Team

Russ – Editor | Co-founder

Gaming since the early 80’s. Love survival horror and a real big fan of indie games! See my posts HERE

Bobby – Co-founder

Gaming since the early 90’s enjoys playing platformers, survival and online co-op games. See my posts HERE

Dave – Reviewer

A passionate player of games for over 30 years and self proclaimed FIFA King. I enjoy all kinds of different game genres and love a good story driven game too. See my posts HERE

Cole – Reviewer

Gamer mom and hobby farmer. Raising kids, chickens, and gamerscore! See my posts HERE

Dylan – Reviewer

I like Sandbox/RPGs, FPS and Survival games. I play all platforms and am a rather competitive person. See my posts HERE

Jamiereloaded23 – Reviewer

Been a gamer since the days of Duck Hunt on the NES. Was a Nintendo Fanboy until they released the Nintendo Wii, I moved over to Xbox 360 and fell in love with the console. Favourite ever Xbox game is Titanfall although I enjoy way too many games to list here. See my posts HERE